JAXB Support for GWT

A GWT Generator library that generates an XML parsing strategy at compile time, based on JAXB annotations.   The effect is the ability to to client side processing of XML as JAXB beans, without having to write any client side XML parsers.

Project Home: http://code.google.com/p/gwtjaxb/


Create an interface that will be the entry point to the parser, use the annotations specify which beans are being utilized in the parsing strategy.

@JAXBBindings(value=RootBean.class, objects={NestedSubObjectOne.class, NestedSubObjectTwo.class})
public interface RootBeanParserFactory extends JAXBParserFactory<RootBean>{}


Then instantiate the parser using GWT.create(...)
RootBeanParserFactory p = GWT.create(RootBeanParserFactory .class);


Then use the parser
RootBean bean = p.create().parse("<RootBean />");