GWT OpenLayers Bindings

The GWT OpenLayers Bindings library provides GWT language bindings for the mapping software

Project Home:

Displaying a map is as easy as:

MapWidget map = new MapWidget(true);<br /> map.getMap().addLayer(new Google(Google.TYPE.SATELLITE, "World View", false), true);</p> <p> map.getMap().addControl(new NavToolBar());<br /> map.getMap().addControl(new PanZoomBar());</p> <p> final MarkerLayer ml = new MarkerLayer("Icons");<br /> map.getMap().addLayer(ml, false);<br /> map.getMap().setCenter(new LonLat(-98, 40), 5, true, true);<br /> map.getMap().addMapListener(new MapIconManager(ml, map));</p> <p> RootPanel.get().add(map);